Turquality Application

Turquality Application

TURQUALITY is the first and only state funded branding program of the world. Today, ever hardening competition conditions and changing consumption patterns prompt the companies which want to take place in the international arena to create powerful brands which means much more value added and much more market share.

Instead of only increasing the export as different from classical export subsidies, making contribution to branding targets of companies take place at the center of TURQUAKITY Program.

It is required that the applicant brand has been registered in Turkey and at least in one of the target markets which will have been stated in the Job Plan that it will submit in abroad.

The preassessment of company is made within the scope of consultancy. Detailed analysis study and determination of deficiencies are made The Actions Necessary for Overcoming the Deficiencies.

The information/documents which will be request by the management consultancy company are prepared before the audit.

After completing the preparation process, the coordination of Turquality application process is enabled.