Application for Domestic Trademark Registration

Application for Domestic Trademark Registration

What is Trademark?


The Trademark is all kinds of marks which may be displayed by drawings such as especially the words, shapes, letters, numbers, forms of goods or packages including the person’s names or may be expressed in a similar way and may be published and reproduced through printing on the condition that an enterprise may distinguish its goods and/or services from the goods and/or services of another enterprise.

Even if the commercial title and enterprise names of an enterprise have been registered with other laws (including Chambers of Commerce, Tax Offices, Chambers of Artisans and Institutions to which they are bound), they are not deemed your and protected unless they have been registered by the Turkish Patent Institute.

The most significant characteristic required is that an enterprise has to Power of Distinguishing its goods or services from the goods and services of other enterprises.


What is the protection scope of a trademark that I registered before TPI (Turkish Patent Institute)?

A trademark which has been registered by Turkish Patent Institute provides protection for the goods and services within the scope of registration within the borders of Turkey. Any trademark registered in Turkey does not provide any protection outside the borders of Turkey.


What are the advantages of trademark registration?

The trademark registration grants the right its owner to prevent all kinds of use outside the permission of proprietor for the goods and services within the scope of registration of relevant trademark. As well as that the proprietor may use the trademark personally, the proprietor may allow others to use the trademark. The proprietor has all legal rights against unauthorized use of trademark.


The trademark types:

Commercial Trademarks

These are the marks allowing for distinguishing the products that an enterprise produces or deals from the products of other enterprise. The trademarks used on the products or their packages are the commercial trademarks.


Service Trademarks

These are the trademarks allowing for distinguishing the services of an enterprise from the services of other enterprises. The trademarks of banks, insurance companies, hospitals, transportation companies, advertisement companies, TV-radio broadcasters, hotels, restaurants and the companies which offer entertainment service are protected within the scope of service trademarks.


Warranty Trademarks

These are the marks allowing for warranting the common traits, production methods, geographical origins and quality of that enterprise by various enterprise under the control of proprietor.



These are the marks allowing for distinguishing the products and services of a group formed from production, commerce or service enterprises from the products or services of other enterprises.