Application for International Trademark Registration

Application for International Trademark Registration

It is possible to protect a design in abroad which has been registered in Turkey in the same way. The registration is a precondition for the start of protection. Therefore, the companies or individuals who have activity or consider to start activity outside Turkey shall register their industrial designs in abroad.

If your trademark has been registered by someone else in the export country, there is a risk of ‘’distrainment of goods in the customs’’.

There are various ways for trademark registration in abroad. These are;

Classically, the territorial applications which have been individually made in the countries where registration will be made

Community applications (CTM) which allow for registration in European Union countries

The applications which are made within the frame of Madrid Protocol to which 92 countries are affiliated along with Turkey.

The trademark registration is required in terms of the permits which will be received from official institutions of countries where export will be made (food production certificate, drugs, etc.).